Frequently Asked Questions

Does CostCare bill Medicare?

No, we do not have a contract with Medicare. However, if you only have Medicare Part A you may be seen and pay for your visit at the time of service. If you have Part B it is illegal for you to pay for your visit and you must be seen by a Medicare provider.

Do you bill Medicaid or Healthy Montana Kids

No, we do not have a Medicaid or Healthy Montana Kids contract. You may be seen in any clinic but you will have to pay for the visit in full at the time of service.

My kids need their immunizations. Can CostCare do this?

CostCare can provide influenza vaccines (seasonal) and tetanus vaccines for ages 4+. We recommend the County Health Department for all other childhood vaccines.

Does CostCare perform DOT physicals?

Yes! Both of our family practice locations (Helena and Great Northern Loop, Missoula) perform DOT physicals on a regular basis. Please call the clinic to set up a appointment time that works best for you.

Can I get my outpatient labwork done at CostCare?

Of course! Just make sure that you bring the appropriate lab order form so we know which labs we can order for you. Tip: Feel free to call us ahead of time to determine if your labs will require fasting. You can utilize any location for outpatient lab services.

How long will it take to get my lab results?

It depends on the tests that are being ordered. For example, routine bloodwork usually takes between 1-2 business days whereas cultures tend to take a bit longer. Tip: Call us before you are in a time crunch so our knowledgeable medical assistants can provide you with an accurate estimate for how long your specific labs will take. You can also access your own labs on the Lab Results section of our website.

What if I can’t afford the price of a visit?

CostCare's discounted fee schedule is designed to help all patients that need to pay for their visit at the time of the service. Because this is already markedly below standard office visit pricing we do not offer payment plans. However, we also accept Care Credit as another option to help you afford your medical needs.

Can I add additional tests onto the wellness labs through my work place screening?

Yes, Most traditional “wellness” labs include a CBC, CMP, TSH, HGA1C, Lipid Panel, and PSA for men over 40. This may change based on insurance regulations. You may add additional bloodwork at discounted rates when done with an onsite screening. The additional tests available and current pricing for wellness screenings are located on our wellness page. Note: Tests much be ordered in advance and paid for at the time of service with exact cash or check.

Who can I talk to about my bill?

Contact our billing office at 406-541-6900 #5. Tip: Please make sure you have the bill in front of you when you call so we can help explain the charges. If it is an insurance question please try contacting your insurance company first as they may be able to provide you and us with useful information.

Does CostCare have an X-ray machine?

No. After full evaluation you will be sent to one of the local hospitals for X-rays which will then be read by Radiology. The location is dependent upon method of payment or your insurance company. CostCare providers will also read your X-rays and treat accordingly.

If I have not met my insurance deductible can I pay at the time of the visit and receive the discounted pricing?

Dependent on your insurance company's policy, and if you are able to self-submit your receipts, we highly recommend this option to provide you cost-savings on office visits and procedures.

Do I have to pay my copay or co-insurance at the time of the visit?

Yes. If you are using insurance that has a copay or co-insurance this part of your contractual insurance obligation. The remainder of the charges will be billed to your insurance company and you will receive a bill for any further owed balance. If you have a HDHP plan CostCare asks for a $40 copay at the time of your visit.