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Integrative Health Care

In contrast to conventional care, our Integrative Healthcare Model (IHM), places the patient at the center of the system.  This integrated approach is in the news because of the Affordable Healthcare Act (AHA), which recognizes the importance (and cost savings) of patient-centered primary care.

Many medical centers have recently added IHM, but at CostCare we’ve been incorporating it since just after our founding.  Not surprisingly, we can now ensure patient-centered care as part of our everyday service.

CostCare has implemented all the necessary elements that a healthcare model needs to be truly integrative:


Access to Health Care

  • Extended hours for walk-in clinics and primary care facilities
  • 60-minute appointments for Family Practice visits
  • 24/7 provider access to medical charts
  • An on-call provider for after hour emergencies
  • The ability for patients to select their own providers
  • Allowing patients direct access to providers through email
  • A web portal for online viewing of test results

Shared Decision Making

  • Remaining open to considering alternative treatments
  • Adequate time for provider and patient to create a healthcare plan
  • Understanding the patient’s psychosocial barriers to accessing and receiving care and medical information
  • Providing up-to-date medical information and allowing the patient to participate in his or her medical decision making

Patient Self-Management

  • Health coaching with our resident IHM outreach coordinator
  • Up-to-date online links for medical education, seminars and documentaries
  • Offering downloadable medical handouts on our website
  • Regular monthly medical e-newsletters

Engagement of High-Risk Patients

  • Regular monitoring of “at-risk” patients
  • The use of a “Gap of Care” list to identify and contact candidates and coordinate necessary follow-up and testing
  • Tracking patient populations by risk category
  • Ensuring that all lab results have been received and communicated to patients

Coordination of Care across the Medical Neighborhood

  • Working closely with specialists to make thoughtful, evidence based, cost-effective decisions
  • Monitoring the exchange of information among medical team members

What our patients say..

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"Lesley was awesome! She was very knowledgeable and had a great bed side manner. I would recommend her and Cost Care to all my family and friends!"

Kevin McManus, Patient