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Our Corporate Wellness Program Keeps Employees Healthy

Keep your employees healthy and happy with an onsite employee wellness clinic offered by CostCare. Take a moment to learn about the benefits of our comprehensive screening program, which delivers care and convenience to your workplace.

Feb 1st, 2019
Fight Signs of Aging with TempSure Envi

Who says you need invasive surgery to fight the signs of aging? Revolutionary anti-aging treatments with TempSure™ Envi radio-frequency technology offer an effective alternative.

Jan 17th, 2019
Cold or Flu: How You Can Tell the Difference

Because many upper respiratory infections have similar symptoms, it can be hard to tell whether you’ve caught a simple cold or come down with the flu. Here’s how to recognize the difference.

Oct 31st, 2018

I recently came across an interesting article in the February edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) discussing the medical cost associated with billing insurance.

Apr 8th, 2018

The first month has been very busy and exciting for us. We truly believe this is the way forward for primary care and cost savings in health.

Feb 1st, 2018