Book Your Flu Shot: It’s Your Best Defense

You know you have the flu when the telltale symptoms of fever, body aches, coughing, and weakness strike. In vulnerable populations — such as the elderly or the very young — the flu can lead to serious complications, even death. 

A flu shot can protect you from these miserable symptoms, or at least substantially reduce the severity of your case. Many vaccines, such as the one for chickenpox or measles, last for years or even a lifetime, but you need to get the flu vaccine every year. 

The team at CostCare offers the flu shot to anyone 6 months old or older at its two locations in Missoula, Montana. Take a moment to learn why this is not a vaccination you should skip.

How the flu shot works

When you receive the flu shot, your body develops antibodies in response. The flu vaccine actually has the flu virus in it but inactivated so it can’t cause infection.

However, your body creates an immune response in reaction to these viruses so if you encounter it during flu season, it knows how to fight it off.

The flu shot is effective

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that the flu shot is the best way to protect yourself from the virus. It reduces your risk of developing the virus by 60% in most years, and in years where the vaccine is less effective, you still get protection that is 20-30% effective.

While the flu shot reduces your risk of getting the flu, you could still be unlucky enough to get the disease, but you’re far less likely to need to be hospitalized, and the vaccine also lowers the number of flu-related deaths in children.

The flu shot isn’t perfect

The flu virus changes from season to season, and it even mutates within months of a single season. Last year’s flu shot is unlikely to protect you from this year’s strain. Plus, this year’s flu shot contains what’s expected to be the most current prevalent strain of the virus. 

That leaves the possibility that you could get another version of the flu and still get sick. However, even if that happens, your immunization can offer some protection so your symptoms aren’t so severe.

Take it from us: You want protection from the flu. In 2017, 80,000 people died from influenza, while many others were hospitalized with pneumonia or dehydration.

Administering the flu vaccine

One dose of the standard flu shot administered with a needle is appropriate for most people at least 5 years old. The elderly may also benefit from a high-dose vaccine that offers extra protection.

If you can’t tolerate injections, note that flu shots don’t always have to be delivered with a needle. Nasal sprays can deliver the flu vaccine.

Flu season is approaching. It’s best to be vaccinated early in the fall before the virus begins its full onslaught. If you get vaccinated later, however, you still see a benefit — even into January or late winter.

With CostCare, onsite corporate flu shot clinics are available. This ensures your staff is protected, reducing downtime and lost productivity from employees being out with illness. We can bill employees’ insurance or offer flu shots for $35 — a bargain when compared with lost work time and misery of flu symptoms. Contact Lisa Triepke at 406-370-7050 for corporate flu shot clinic information. 

If you’re ready to schedule your flu shot, call one of our two CostCare locations today.

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