Originally posted on March 4, 2018
Our transition plan from one of insurance-based fee-for-schedule to our direct primary care (DPC) monthly membership is in full swing. We have close to 200 people signed up and a few more trickle in each day. As a clinician, I feel more connected to patients as I can quickly get back to them via text as opposed to tracking them down through the circuitous phone route in the clinic. I wish everyone were already on it! We have been able to keep several patients out of the emergency department already and we have also been able to treat patients over the phone in many instances, allowing them to avoid missed hours at work and home. It feels like this should have been in place years ago! I hope the patients are feeling satisfied as well.
We have had many new patients sign up for DPC and some of our devoted patients are entering the new model as well. Check out the website and see if the model will fit you or someone you know. Remember, we will also be able to see Medicare patients in this new model; you just need to sign a waiver stating you understand we will not bill any services rendered to Medicare. So, if you would like the best access to a healthcare provider that money can buy, don’t want to pay for office visits, want lab work at the clinic cost, want to save money on biopsies and lacerations, want to get x-rays at $60, want to save on the Bootcamp, amongst other savings, then CostCare Direct is your answer (oh yeah, Botox is only $9 a unit).
- Josh Smith, FNP
Josh Smith, FNP

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