Fight Signs of Aging with TempSure Envi

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Surgery isn’t your only recourse when your face starts to give away your age. A 20-minute TempSure Envi treatment can give you a tauter, less wrinkled complexion with minimal downtime.

Such a treatment may sound too good to be true, but TempSure Envi is the real deal. The procedure is cleared by the FDA and completely safe. Take a moment to explore how you can look younger — no surgery, injections, or abrasive peels required.

How does TempSure Envi work?

TempSure Envi sends radiofrequency waves through your outer layer of skin deep into your dermis. The heat energy stimulates your body to restart its production of collagen, a naturally integral part of strong, taut skin. As you get older, your production of collagen decreases.

TempSure Envi makes your skin think it’s been injured, so your body sends in new growth factors, which results in more collagen. More collagen, in turn. means skin that looks healthier, tauter, and less wrinkled.

How is TempSure Envi unique?

Unlike other radiofrequency devices, TempSure Envi delivers its waves in a way that stimulates your nerves gently. As a result, our CostCare team can use a higher temperature without causing you additional pain. A higher temperature means your entire treatment is faster and more effective.

What can TempSure Envi do?

TempSure Envi effectively reduces the signs of aging by tightening and strengthening your skin. Consider it as a viable treatment for those pesky lines that form around your eyes, mouth and cheeks as you smile.

TempSure Envi can reduce the appearance of forehead lines and frown lines, too.

How’s the pain level?

You feel minimal or no pain during TempSure Envi treatments. You feel warmth during the session, but with no real side effects. Many patients tell us it’s like a hot stone massage.

Plus, TempSure Envi requires absolutely no downtime. You can get the therapy during your lunch break and go right back to work. Treatments are pretty quick, too — lessening or removing wrinkles all over your face takes only about 20 minutes.

When will I see results, and how often do I need treatments?

You look brighter and have a bit more of a glow immediately after your TempSure Envi treatment as cells turn over right away. And that’s just the beginning. You continue to see improved antiaging benefits as new collagen is laid down for 4-6 weeks following your session.

You get the best results after a series of four treatments, each spaced 2-4 weeks apart. TempSure Envi tightens your skin and reduces the look of existing wrinkles permanently. But, the technology can’t stop the effects of gravity and time. So you might opt for regular touch-up sessions every 6-12 months.

At CostCare, we know that looking your best helps you feel your best. TempSure Envi is just one of our aesthetic treatment offerings to help you do just that. You can even combine it with injectable wrinkle-reducers to combat aging with multiple strategies.

Residents from in and around Missoula can call our office to make an appointment, or use this website to make an appointment.

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