How Direct Primary Care Is a Game Changer for Health Care

Direct primary care is a game-changer for health care because it puts control of your health decisions back in your hands. For a monthly membership fee, you and your family are covered for all of your primary care services, including clinical and laboratory services, consultations, and care coordination with other providers. Urgent and emergency care is also part of the plan.

Direct primary care provides substantial savings over insurance plans that nickel-and-dime every visit to our office. You get greater access to our physicians at CostCare, more time with each doctor, and all the screenings and care you need for optimal health.

Here is how direct primary care can revolutionize your health care experience.

Direct primary care means savings

When you pay one set monthly fee for CostCare Direct, you get unlimited office visits and a wide variety of health care services such as in-house blood tests and sick care. It also covers chronic disease management and preventive care. We don’t bill your health insurance for these routine care issues. CostCare Direct isn’t insurance; it’s better.

Direct membership is available for individuals and families, as well as employers to provide to their employees. Of course, it’s important for you to still carry a high-deductible insurance policy for unforeseen, extraordinary emergencies. But the majority of your routine health care needs are covered under the direct primary care model.

CostCare Direct also offers you discounts on prescription drug pricing for many medications. We have a partnership with Granite Pharmacy.

Direct primary care means compassion

With CostCare’s direct primary care model, doctors can focus their attention, time, and effort on providing you with the health care you need. There’s no oversight from insurance companies, which usually have nonmedical administrators who follow a protocol outlined by their financial interests. We use evidence-based guidelines and give you individualized care that meets your circumstances.

Direct primary care means more time for you

Direct primary care reduces CostCare’s administrative burden we don’t have to communicate with insurance companies, learn all the codes, and jump through their hoops. This means we have more time to spend with you, the patient.

We can care for every patient without the overhead and negative incentives associated with fee-for-service billing. With extended hours, you can skip costly visits to the ER or urgent care. You get what you need and have access to providers, even when the office is closed.

Direct primary care means less frustration

With the CostCare Direct plan, you don’t have to check with your insurance company every time you need a routine test or visit to our office. You can focus on healing and preventing chronic disease instead of worrying about whether your care is covered.

The frustration of dealing with insurance companies nearly disappears, giving way to the friendly, caring team in our location. You work directly with our providers and skip the confusion that insurance creates. You get to make decisions about your own health care and not defer to those of a financial institution.

If you’re ready for health care designed to take care of you, call CostCare in Missoula, Montana. Alternatively, set up a consultation to learn more about CostCare Direct by using this website. Revolutionize your health care today.

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