Improve Your Quality of Life With CostCare’s Nutritional Boot Camp

CostCare BootCamp™ greatly increases the chances that you’ll reach your dietary goals. Offered three times per year, the program offers face-to-face counseling and tangible adjustments to help you change your nutritional habits so you live a healthier life. In just six weeks, you learn nutritional techniques to boost your health and overall well-being.

New dietary habits are a lot easier to maintain when you have the CostCare team behind you.  Make your commitment to improved nutrition stick for the long-term with the strategies offered by CostCare BootCamp. We offer the education and support necessary for you to start living a healthier life.

What’s involved in the nutritional CostCare BootCamp?

The CostCare BootCamp offers six weeks of deep nutrition training to improve your dietary choices, enhance your nutrition awareness, and produce life-changing health and wellness results. A 30-day sugar detox is built right into the program to help you kick the sweet habit. The program is offered three times a year, so contact our office at 406-541-6900, ext 3 to find out when the next session begins.

You commit to six classes, which last two hours, one class per week. This equals 12 hours of direct contact with Dr. Carol Bridges and certified health coaches to learn proper nutrition practices and answer all of your nutrition questions. You also receive weekly emails and support as well as are part of a private Facebook group.

We track your progress over the course of the program. We take a baseline lipid panel, insulin resistance calculation, measure of your sugar levels, height, weight, BMI, and blood pressure when the program starts.

As you progress through, we reevaluate these health indicators. When you diligently follow the boot camp program, you’ll see positive changes in these markers, which reduces your risk and aggravation of chronic disease. It only takes 5-10% weight loss to see notable improvements in health markers.

Why should I consider the CostCare BootCamp?

You’ll experience improved digestion, better blood sugar levels, increased mental clarity, reduced joint pain, and greater energy with healthy nutritional practices. More restful sleep, weight loss, and reduction or elimination of medications are other major benefits of adopting the nutritional practices taught at our bootcamp.

The nutrition practices you learn through the CostCare BootCamp can help you manage conditions, including high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

If you haven’t developed a chronic disease, good nutrition can help prevent them from ever developing.

What should I expect during the CostCare BootCamp?

You participate fully in all aspects of the CostCare Bootcamp. You attend the sessions that include health coaching, recipes, and food samples, and nutrition tips. These tips are essential to helping you reduce the inflammation that contributes to chronic disease and poor health. We address the obesity crisis, hormonal triggers for food cravings, systemic inflammation, leaky gut, your microbiome, the benefits of exercise, and the prevention of cancer with nutrition.

We also provide you access to the boot camp book, which offers numerous recipe examples to help you get started on an anti-inflammatory plan. Reducing or eliminating chronic cases of low-grade inflammation, which can lead to health problems and major diseases.

You receive a convenient carrying tote and a spiral notebook to track all the valuable information you get at each two-hour session. Guest speakers at these sessions include men and women who have gone through the CostCare BootCamp. They share successes and pitfalls you might encounter when transitioning to a healthier diet. They can also serve as mentors for you as you transition.

When should I sign up?

Sign up right away for the next session, which begins April 10th! The sooner you commit to good nutrition, the sooner you’ll see results that have you feeling better, losing weight, sleeping more soundly, and thinking more clearly.

CostCare is committed to helping you live the best life possible. Register today using this website. Don’t hesitate: Boost your nutrition and your health today!

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