Learn About the Year-Long Benefits of Our Costcare Direct Primary Care Program

Costcare, Direct Primary Care Program

Keeping track of what’s “covered” under your insurance plan is next to impossible. At CostCare, we have a solution to help you not have to worry about costs when you come to our clinic. The Direct Primary Care Program has you pay a monthly fee for unlimited office visits and multiple health care services. It’s not health insurance, but a way to have access to health care without becoming overwhelmed by cost.

CostCare Direct works for everyone

Anyone – individuals, families, and employer groups – can become a part of the CostCare Direct monthly plan. The rates are based on age of the group members and the size of the group. You’re not turned away for pre-existing conditions or being too sick. The plan is ideal for preventive care and for chronic disease management.

Regular visits to check health markers, such as blood pressure or blood sugar, can add up -- especially over the course of a year. Should you need physicals for sports or your job, these are also covered under the plan at no extra cost.

Preventive care benefits

You may be reluctant to pursue preventive care due to cost. Many services aren’t covered by your insurance until you’ve reached a very high deductible or you’re responsible for a hefty co-pay. With the CostCare Direct Primary Care Program, preventive care such as wellness exams, immunizations, cancer screenings, women’s pelvic exams and Pap smears, birth control, nutrition consultations, and hormone management are all included. By taking advantage of these wellness services, you can help prevent catastrophic illness or serious complications that can cost thousands of dollars in care.

Chronic disease management

If you suffer from a chronic disease, proper health management can help keep you safe from major complications that can require expensive surgery, hospitalization, or other procedures. At CostCare, the Direct Primary Care Program covers issues including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, thyroid disorders, asthma, and high blood pressure.

Urgent care procedures

Each urgent medical need can take a toll on your yearly budget.

An emergency can strike at any time – this includes insect bites or stings, falls, sports injuries, or minor accidents. If you should need an X-ray, cat scan, MRI, or ultrasound, the CostCare team works closely with local radiology service groups to get you the best possible price. Stitches, setting broken bones or strains, IV fluids and medications, and emergency tests, such as rapid flu and strep, are all included as part of the Direct Primary Care Program.

Build a relationship with your doctor

CostCare Direct gives you the opportunity to receive the best care for your particular health needs without having to worry about the cost of each visit. You can come in to CostCare whenever you have concerns or symptoms that are bothersome. In-house lab tests, clinical examinations, and consultations are generally included in this membership.

Save on medications

With the CostCare Direct Primary Care Program, you can save on prescription drugs as the program includes a partnership with Granite Pharmacy. Dozens of medications are offered at a discount and even if the type you need is not listed as part of the program, Granite Pharmacy offers generic medications at cost, with just $5 added, and name brand medications at cost, with just $12 added. This represents significant savings that can add up if you’re on a regular prescription medication for a chronic condition.

Even save on aesthetics

Aesthetic treatments, including Botox® and Juvederm®, are offered at a highly discounted rate to members of the Direct Primary Care Program. You need regular retreatments of these injectables to maintain the more youthful, rejuvenated look they provide, so if you’re considering these aesthetic treatments – the Direct Primary Care Program is a perfect way to save.

While the Direct Primary Care Program is not comprehensive insurance, it can certainly be a way to save money on your health care costs. You should still acquire a high-deductible wraparound policy to cover major emergencies or a serious diagnosis, such as cancer, but for your regular health-care needs, the Direct Primary Care Program makes a lot of sense. Call us at CostCare or book a consultation on this website to learn all the details.

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