What Are the Benefits of Our Direct Primary Care Program

At CostCare, we offer a direct primary care (DPC) program that is a value-added benefit for individuals and employers. This added employee benefit involves paying the practice a monthly, quarterly, or annual fee that covers all or most of the primary care services, such as clinical, laboratory, and consultative services. 

The direct primary care program also includes care coordination and comprehensive care management.

DPC allows us to best use our time, attention and efforts to care for patients, instead of spending hours navigating the complicated and unfair insurance system. CostCare Direct provides you the best care for your needs — we, your health care providers, determine your best course of treatment. The insurance company does not.

About CostCare Direct

CostCare Direct has a monthly fee that covers unlimited office visits and a wide variety of health care services. You don’t have to worry about which services are or aren’t covered by your insurance plan. DPC isn’t insurance, so it won’t bill your insurance company for your services.

We offer CostCare Direct memberships to individuals, families, and employer groups; cost is based on age and group size. Employers benefit from the extra perks DPC gives to your employees. They can benefit from cost-effective, transparent health care at a compassionate office featuring extended hours.

Does DPC replace insurance?

DPC doesn’t replace catastrophic insurance for an unforeseen major illness or accident. Members of CostCare Direct still benefit from holding a relatively inexpensive, but valuable, high-deductible insurance plan to cover major emergencies.

No nickel-and-diming

CostCare Direct requires one fee to cover most primary care services. This provides individuals and employers substantial savings and a greater degree of access to our qualified health providers.

All visits, whether for management of a chronic condition or for an acute illness like the flu, are covered. Annual labs, or as needed to diagnose a condition, are also covered. The CostCare team also offers consultative services about preventive health as part of the CostCare Direct care plan.

Increased accessibility

CostCare also provides extended hours, and the team is available through phone, email, text, and video messaging — even when the office is closed. You receive timely, expert care and can avoid unnecessary and costly visits to the emergency room or urgent care. People who have older family members or young children especially benefit from this accessibility of our medical team.

At CostCare, we also care for the whole person and can keep costs low by avoiding the overhead expenses associated with managing insurance billing. We eliminate the need for contracts, third-party billing, relationships with insurance providers, and fee-for-service payments. One visit to the emergency room in Missoula costs as much as months and months of CostCare Direct membership.

With CostCare Direct, employers and individuals win! Members of the Missoula community get expert care at an affordable cost without hassle or delay. If you’re an individual or an employer, call to learn the details about CostCare Direct. We’ll get you started with this innovate way to provide health services. 

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