What’s a Well-Child Exam?

A well-child visit helps ensure your child is on track for growth and timely immunizations. This appointment also catches any health or development issues early, so your child can get early treatment and not have to deal with complications later. 

Further, if you have questions about your child’s nutrition, safety, or behavior, the expert team at CostCare is available to give you compassionate, clear answers.

Take a moment to learn more about why you should get your child scheduled for these routine wellness visits and what to expect at them.

Comprehensive exam

A wellness visit involves a comprehensive physical exam. Your provider does an external check of:

Hearing and vision are sometimes included as part of a well-child visit, too. 

Such a comprehensive exam is beneficial even if your child seems healthy. It gives you peace of mind that your child is developing as they should. Plus, during this comprehensive exam, the providers can talk to you about ways to improve care and prevent problems.

Check growth and development

Well-child visits are a time to check in on your child’s growth. Measurements of height (length for babies) and weight determine whether your child is on track. The providers at CostCare also discuss with you issues such as your child’s milestones, social behavior, and learning.

If you have any concerns that can’t be handled by our office, we refer you to capable specialists.

Answer fundamental questions

The providers at CostCare discuss your child’s sleep habits, nutrition, and safety — including issues such as using car seats and wearing helmets.

They also recommend specific vaccinations on a schedule depending on your child’s age. If you have questions or concerns about your vaccines and their safety, the CostCare team is ready to help you understand how they prevent illness and keep your child safe for the long-term.

We can also help you understand what to expect as your child grows.

How often should I schedule well-child exams?

The younger your child, the more frequent well-child exams are scheduled. For example, infants and toddlers benefit from having a well-child exam every few months. When your child turns 3, you can schedule well-child exams just once per year. 

Of course, if your child has a health issue that needs attention before your next well-child exam, bring them in to our offices for evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

Create a relationship

Well-child exams give you the opportunity to develop a relationship with our providers. This means you always have someone to trust when it comes to serving the needs of your child. We support your child’s physical, mental, and social health needs.

Each child is different. Even if you have a big family and are experienced at raising kids, each one of your children benefits from expert well-child care. At CostCare in Missoula, the expert team of providers welcomes you and your children into the practice. We offer the health support and care your child needs to thrive. 

Call today or book an appointment here on our website at one of our two offices. 

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