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    CostCare Direct is a membership based primary care/urgent care practice, providing high-quality, patient-centered care. We are a group of providers and staff that believe in the patient-doctor relationship. We want to get to know our patients and be a integral part of their journey to good health. We believe this can best be done by having small patient panels so we can spend more time with you.





Do you long for the old days of medicine? There once was a time when you knew your provider. You were partners in getting and staying healthy. This is the foundation of Direct Primary Care, a membership-based model where primary care payment arrangements are made between patients and providers without sending claims to insurance companies.

CostCare Direct takes the middleman out of the healthcare equation so you and your provider can determine what is best for you without the red-tape of insurance bureaucracy.

DPC allows you FREE in-office visits. Each provider has no more than 600 patients to care for which allows more personalized care and access, extended hours, through clinic visits, text, email, phone, and video calling. No more waiting rooms or waiting a week to get a callback.

With CostCare Direct, our goal is to be as accessible as possible for diagnosing, treating, and triage so that you can keep your costs down with less referral, ER, and urgent care visits. By not billing insurance we can keep our costs and overhead down. Direct Primary Care is a model that allows both the provider and patient to feel in control. Learn more about DPC.


Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a healthcare model that gets back to the patient-provider relationship. We do not bill or accept insurance. No more middle man. No more trying to figure out what is and isn’t covered. Just you and the provider making decisions about your care. 


DPC clinics differ from traditional fee-for-service plans primarily through the payment structure. In a traditional model, you pay when you are seen with costs being predetermined based on the complexity of the problem or duration of the visit. Labs, x-rays, and procedures are offered at rates predetermined as well, often leading to expensive bills. Unless you have a “gold” or “silver” health insurance plan, you will typically be responsible for the entire bill until your deductible is met which, at present time, can be over $6000 per individual. This model also requires billing and coding staff, creating more overhead, which leads us to the “do more, bill more” mentality that is bankrupting our healthcare system.

In a DPC model, payment is received as a monthly membership fee. Office visits and in-house labs are included.  X-rays, labs, and procedures are often 80-90% less when compared to traditional healthcare models. Direct Primary Care is NOT insurance and we highly recommend having a wrap-around high deductible insurance plan for emergencies.


Benefits of DPC are availability, flexibility, transparency, cost, and convenience. DPC providers spend more time with fewer patients in order to provide them with better quality care. Patient memberships are typically kept around  600 patients per provider allowing those patients better access and longer clinic visits when needed. However, we understand you are busy, and not all healthcare needs require an in-house visit. DPC providers utilize today’s technology in contacting and responding to patients. Email, text, phone, and video calls are standard methods of communication used to keep providers and patients in contact to discuss health concerns. This allows us to be more accessible, through extended hours.


Direct Primary Care (DPC): A Health Care Revolution



Are you a small business owner struggling to meet your employees' insurance needs? Enroll your employees with CostCare Direct for less than $70/month and get 85-90% of your healthcare needs met. Diane Hellman Insurance can help with lower cost catastrophic insurance plans at 829-2731 to compliment your CostCare Direct membership.

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This fee allows us to separate from the traditional industrialized medical model and, in doing so, limit the number of patients in our panel. Now we can spend more time with our patients and be more readily available for their needs. No more “herding” patients through. The monthly fee allows unlimited visits, 24/7 access to your provider, cheaper labs and procedures, and much more.