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Do you long for the old days of medicine? There once was a time when you knew your provider. You were partners in getting and staying healthy. This is the foundation of Direct Primary Care, a membership-based model where primary care billing and payment arrangement are made between patients and providers, without sending claims to insurance providers.

As of January 1st, 2018, CostCare Family Practice at our Great Northern location in Missoula will transition to a Direct Primary Care model (or DPC).  DPC is a membership model where patients pay a monthly care fee to the clinic.  This fee allows us to decrease our patient panel to only 600 patients per provider and truly concentrate on keeping our patients healthy and out of the urgent care, ER and hospital. 

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

ALL visits in the practice will be FREE. There will be no charge.  In office tests and procedures such as EKG, spirometry, audiometry, DOT exams and sports physicals will be included.  All in house labs including strep swabs, urine dips, urine pregnancy tests, influenza swabs, RSV swabs, and mono tests - all included. The only time you will have any additional cost will be for labs, meds, or procedures. Labs and meds will be priced at cost + 10%. Other benefits to the patient will include complete 24/7 access to their provider via email, phone, text, video calling, or in clinic visits.

No more middle man. No more trying to figure out what is and isn’t covered. Just you and the provider making decisions about your care, no one else.


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