Established in 2007, CostCare is a state-of-the-art medical office in Missoula, Montana, that aims to combat the inaccessibility and high cost of health care. With convenient, easy access to care, transparency, affordable pricing, and a capable team of providers, CostCare serves the varied health needs of the local community with compassion and an emphasis on true wellness.

CostCare began as a walk-in clinic but has since expanded into family practice, direct primary care (DPC), occupational medicine, and a wellness division. The medical team provides vital health screenings for individuals, employers, and employees; management of chronic conditions and diseases; and even aesthetic procedures to improve your appearance. Perhaps most importantly, the CostCare team believes in preventive medicine to limit your risk of disease and immune system issues and developing strong provider-patient relationships that help you invest in your own health and wellness.

CostCare proudly offers insurance billing services along with discounted fee schedules for anyone who pays in full at the time of their visit. Despite the many changes in health care, CostCare has managed to remain true to the initial mission upon which it was founded, always offering high quality, affordable health care and always placing the needs of each patient first.

To join the CostCare family, please call our family practice at 406-541-3046 to schedule or walk in to our convenient Russell location for more immediate needs. The walk-in clinic can also be contacted at 406-728-5841 for questions.








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