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Do you want to feel better, look better, sleep better, think more clearly? The first step on that journey is signing up for the CostCare BootCamp™, a unique six-week program that is offered three times a year. The in-depth nutrition program transforms your nutrition awareness and other lifestyle habits, producing game-changing health and wellness results that your provider helps you track. CostCare would love to have you in their next class! Talk to any of our CostCare staff, call 406-541-6900, Ext 3.

Nutritional Bootcamp Q & A

What is the nutritional bootcamp? 

Designed to help boost your overall health and well being, the nutritional bootcamp begins with evaluating your starting point. It teaches you how proper nutrition practices can help you feel great and prevent and manage diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Our nutritional program helps you track your progress by measuring vitals, such as weight blood, pressure, HGA1c and cholesterol, both at the beginning and upon completion of the program.

What does the CostCare nutritional BootCamp schedule look like?

Our CostCare BootCamp runs three times per year offering convenience and flexibility to life’s already busy schedules. Once you sign up, BootCamp involves six weekly two-hour classes that occur on-site. That’s 12 hours of face-to-face provider time to ask questions, express concerns, and share resources.

What does the CostCare nutritional BootCamp involve?

Our CostCare BootCamp requires your dedication in order to achieve optimal results. However, your providers are there to help, offering a broad range of helpful resources and services, including:

Health Coaching

You’ll have weekly access to BootCamp providers who offer general health coaching advice and meal planning strategies which focus on an anti-inflammatory nutritional platform.

Meal planning book and materials

One of the best perks is getting an excellent book with recipe examples for you to try out at home that fit the guidelines of the BootCamp’s anti-inflammatory dietary recommendations. All class materials are included in a spiral notebook with a convenient carrying tote.

Online education and videos

As a BootCamp participant, you’ll have access to videos, professional recipes and strategies, and the BootCamp Facebook page.


You will also have access to personal testimonials from past participants who achieved success in the program. Some of these individuals will even be guest speakers in your class and share his/her success story.

What type of results can I expect from the nutritional bootcamp?

If you participate in CostCare’s nutritional bootcamp, you can expect to lose weight, feel better, sleep better, and see dramatic improvements to your overall health. The goal of the program is to have you looking and feeling better about yourself while gaining valuable insight as to how to maintain your results. Countless participants have turned their lives around thanks to the highly effective course teachings.

If you are ready to feel better, look better, sleep better, and experience overall better health with the reduction or elimination of medical issues, please call us at 406-541-6900, ext 3 or schedule your registration online at the link below.


We also offer year-round monitoring of your health with health coaching from Alicia Smith. For $35, you will receive updated labs and a brief one-on-one coaching session. Call 370-6290 to schedule.