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Choosing a provider for your female health care needs can be daunting. When you want trustworthy, experienced care, the medical team at CostCare family practice in Missoula, Montana, is available. With a wide range of women’s health services, the providers support you through effective medical care and dedicated personal attention.

Women's Health Q & A

What women’s health services are available?

At CostCare, the providers have extensive experience with routine women’s health services, birth control, and hormone therapy. Other services include:

  • Pelvic exams
  • Pap smears
  • HPV screening
  • Colposcopy
  • IUD insertion and removal
  • Nexplanon® insertion and removal
  • Pellet hormone therapy
  • TempSure™ Vitalia
  • Injectables and Laser Aesthetics

Depending on your needs and health goals, your provider works with you to achieve optimal health. CostCare also offers nutritional counseling, weight loss support, and aesthetics including Botox, Juvederm, and SculpSure.

How is an IUD inserted and removed?

An IUD, or intrauterine device, can be used for up to seven years for birth control. There are hormonal and nonhormonal forms and your provider can educate you about your options.

Your provider first determines the location of your uterus by palpating your abdomen. Then your provider cleans inside your vagina and cervix. Your provider inserts a small tube housing the IUD into your vagina and through your cervix. Once the IUD is in place, your provider removes the tube from your body.

When you want the IUD removed or the device has expired, your provider gently pulls the IUD out of your body using sterile forceps.

How is Nexplanon® inserted and removed?

Similar to an IUD, Nexplanon offers long-term pregnancy prevention for up to three years. The Nexplanon implant contains hormones that prevent your body from ovulating.

The Nexplanon implant is placed in your arm in a minor surgical procedure. Through a tiny sterile incision, your provider slides a tube containing the implant under your skin. Once the implant is in place, your provider removes the tube and tapes the incision closed.

To remove the implant, your provider makes a small incision and slides the implant out of your arm with sterile tweezers. You may feel a pulling or tugging sensation as it is removed.

What is hormone therapy?

Hormone therapy addresses hormonal imbalance associated with perimenopause and menopause. At CostCare, pellet therapy is used to regulate your hormone levels.

A medical-grade pellet about the size of a grain of rice is inserted under your skin to release naturally derived hormones for three months. Your provider collects blood samples before, during, and after three months in order to ensure your hormone levels are improving.

With balanced hormones, you can have greater success with weight loss, maintain lean muscle mass, gain energy, have increased libido, and generally feel better and happier.

What is TempSure™ Vitalia?

TempSure Vitalia is an FDA-approved treatment for restoring and tightening loose internal vaginal tissue. As women age, these internal tissues become loose, which can lead to a loss of vaginal function and nerve sensitivity. This treatment works to restore both, and offer a more satisfying sex life.

How does TempSure Vitalia work?

TempSure has created both the Envi and Vitalia lines of products. Envi targets external tissues like facial wrinkles, sagging skin, cellulite and even external vaginal tissue, while the Vitalia is designed to tighten internal vaginal tissue. Both use radiofrequency (RF) waves to heat target tissues to produce new collagen, meaning tighter skin wherever you use the treatment.

Vitalia uses a specially designed radiofrequency instrument that fits into the vaginal canal; it stimulates new collagen and elastin cells to grow, leading to tighter tissues and increased nerve sensitivity.

What will TempSure Vitalia do for me?

The Vitalia system will tighten the vaginal canal and improve the appearance of the vaginal skin. As new tissue grows, you will experience increased lubrication and nerve sensitivity. The treatment can also help urinary leaks and incontinence. Many women claim that the Vitalia treatment brought about a revival in their sexuality, improving their sexual well-being and overall confidence.

Is TempSure™ Vitalia safe?

TempSure is very safe because the system is designed to precisely, quickly and safely heat tissues. In fact, in less than one second, tissues are heated to 39 to 45 degrees Celsius. TempSure™ stimulates your own collagen. It is a very safe and fast treatment, taking less than 20 minutes.

For all of your women’s health needs, call CostCare family practice at 406-541-3046 or email for questions using the contact form here.